Changing Season Reflection

As the season truly turns to Autumn and the natural world starts to close down for its Winter’s rest it often makes you reflect on that has been, how life is changing and what difference, if any, you might be making in life. Having been in teaching and education for many years I suppose it is natural to do this, the new term has started and whilst you look forward with the promise of what is to come you also look back to see the pathway you have been treading.

Most of our yoga groups have been running for well over a year now. The majority of people that have come along may never to have done yoga before, some may have done it years ago, but their practice has lapsed, some are recovering from many challenges on life’s pathway.

Looking around the groups this week we are seeing strength, confidence, determination and brilliance. As individuals of all ages and abilities lose themselves in their focus on their postures, listening to their bodies with intense focus and commitment. They are loving the challenge of new posture work whilst enjoying the familiarity of old favourites. But each of them, even in their familiar work, are still striving to improve, feeling the stretch, calming the mind and becoming stronger.

Yoga is a practice from which everyone can benefit. It helps build strength and balance, it increases flexibility and aids connection between body and mind. Yoga doesn’t stop life’s challenges happening, but it can help people be aware of how these things are making them feel and help them to respond a little differently. It also encourages people to breathe more slowly and deeply and find some peace in our so often busy and frantic lives.


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