Creating your Yoga at home space

For many of us, the difficulties of the last few months have given us an opportunity to use the space that we have in a different way and to gain a new found appreciation of the flexibility the place we call home, has. We have been forced to slow down and re think; transforming our homes into makeshift schools, offices and gyms. We have opened our eyes to alternative ways that we would have once believed, impossible. This is no small feat; so let’s celebrate this discovery of self sufficiency and continue to use our homes to our advantage.

On reflection

We have probably all had moments when we have been frustrated with our new demands, been low on self motivation and pining for social contact. At Zafu we endeavour to redress the balance, help you throw out the chaos of the day and turn your space, however big or small, into an area of calm and space for your mind and body beyond the confines of walls.

Zafu are committed to bringing you yoga for all, and now we have the joy of bringing yoga to all. Without the need to rush or travel, to find a parking space or to even find your shoes to leave the house! We bring you, in the comfort of your home to a place of quiet, mindfulness and Yoga at home. So before we ‘zoom’ into your home, here are some top tips for creating the perfect environment to get the most out of your session.

Create a safe space

Make your area free of obstacles and de clutter as much as possible – we don’t want any accidents in the midst of a half moon pose!-  You don’t need a big area; enough for a mat, but avoid using a space that may limit your ability to comfortably change positions.

Limit disturbances

Choose a space that has low traffic; ideally somewhere that you will not be disturbed at all. Turn off devices that you don’t need and bask in an hour of glorious peace and quiet!


There are lots of ways to optimise your environment to get the most from your session. Think about elements such as lighting, smell and a comfortable temperature. You may use somewhere with lots of natural light that helps energise and lift your mood or perhaps you may prefer to use a space with more of a mood style lighting.
Smells can make a real difference to our experience, and you could use candles, diffusers or incense sticks with fragrances that you like to help create an atmosphere of relaxation.


You can use any device you wish to join our zoom sessions- a laptop, iPad, phone…but don’t forget to place it somewhere you can see and hear us clearly!
So now you are ready… What next? Sign up to our Yoga Online Sessions – it is free to sign up. Each week we will be sending out our Yoga Online sessions. We offer a donation based model for our sessions meaning pay what you feel is appropriate, however you can receive the session information via our Yoga Online newsletter for free.
So, to sign up head over to our Yoga Sessions page by clicking here