Your first yoga session with Zafu – what to expect …


First and foremost, I would like to welcome you all to my new Yoga class, thank you for coming along.

About Eric

My name is Eric Walker and I have been doing Hatha Yoga since 2007.

I have had a long and varied career over the last 30 years in manufacturing industry and more recently in education.   10 years ago, I began attending a weekly yoga class not knowing where this might lead. I have found Yoga very beneficial to my health, wellbeing and physical condition. As a result of this experience, I wanted to learn more so completed British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation programme and am currently a student teacher on the BWY Teaching Diploma. I am so looking forward to see what I can bring to the world of yoga.


What I hope you will get from the yoga sessions

It is my hope that people attending my yoga sessions will enjoy and benefit from yoga as much as I have – or even more perhaps.

Yoga is a union between body, mind and spirit; you will learn to ‘listen’ to your body and avoid overdoing postures and suffering injuries. Physical and mental wellbeing are huge benefits that yoga can bring to your life.

This yoga class is suitable for all abilities and after attending for a number of weeks’ beginners will notice that they have more flexibility, feel more relaxed and begin to use yoga breathing techniques.


How I approach my yoga teaching

I approach yoga teaching in a relaxed, conversational and supportive manner and encourage questions and discussion. My hope is that all my students will feel ‘at home’ free to contribute and, most of all, enjoy their Yoga sessions.


The individuality of yoga

Yoga practice is down to you as an individual, we are all different, our bodies are different shapes and our flexibility varies from person to person. The length of our arms, legs, torso and the various parts of our body vary dramatically from person to person, and the angles that our body parts can move through are ultimately determined by our inherited characteristics. Please do not expect to be able to do postures like others in the class, or those in the text books; they might be more or less able to get into a particular pose. Text book poses are not necessarily our target because we need to work within our own capabilities.

Please note a willingness to work within you own physical capabilities is key to your success with yoga.



What you will need for your yoga classes.


Most people can search their home and come up with clothing that is loose fitting or that has “a bit of give in it”. Some examples of clothing that I have used for Yoga include:

  • Football or General Sport Shorts
  • Tee Shirts or ‘Polo’ Shirts
  • Stretchy Hiking Trouser or Shorts
  • Sports Vests or Typical Holiday Vests and Shorts

Women’s leggings are another option, although I think the men amongst us may draw the line on this one!


Yoga postures are best practiced in your bare feet, but you will need some warm socks that you can pop on for our yoga relaxation.

Some folk like to practice yoga in non-slip yoga toe socks, but personally I would not recommend it unless you have a genuine problem with your feet.


I have a number of yoga mats, straps and blocks that may be borrowed for use during the Yoga class on a first come first served basis, but once you have decided yoga is for you, some basic kit can be bought for relatively little. Quite often clothing outlets and supermarkets have low cost yoga sets or individual items.


Initially the only essential piece of equipment that you need is a non-slip Yoga or Pilates mat AND a warm blanket. In time, you may want to buy a yoga strap and some yoga blocks, but this is best done when you become familiar with what’s available. Yoga straps can be improvised – I personally use an old Judo belt. Every class will end with relaxation – a cosy blanket is essential for best benefit.



Contact Information

Eric Walker



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