Five Common Yoga Myths.

A quick myth busting exercise, for anyone who has reservations about trying Yoga!

Yoga takes too much time:

There are 24 hours in the day, that’s 1440 minutes. A typical class lasts round 45 minutes, but any time that you can dedicate to yoga, is time well spent. In fact, with so many benefits to your emotional and physical health, it is a disservice to yourself to say there isn’t time. It’s easy to forget about our needs beyond the all too familiar eat, sleep, work, repeat- a ubiquitous habit that leads us to falsely believe there is no time. If anything you will recuperate time that is no longer spent bogged down with tiredness, stress and tension.

It’s just lots of stretching:

Theres no denying the fact that most Yoga sequences involve subtle stretching of the different muscles groups but as mentioned before, it goes far beyond the physicality’s of our practice. Alongside strengthening and toning, Yoga engages the mind every bit as much as the body and by uniting them allows us to achieve an inner peace and resilience. A great emphasis is placed on using breath; noticing it, slowing it down and turning your senses internally to achieve conscious breathing that stimulates more complex areas of the brain. It is in this meditative state that we can

gain control over our emotional and mental wellbeing. So, a little bit more than stretching!

You need the right outfit to do yoga:

Yes, we know all about the pictures of people demonstrating a perfect Asana in beautifully pristine co ordinating lycra sets, but if you feel more comfortable in your lounge wear than lycra, it’s all the same to us. Don’t let us stop you if you fancy a yoga wardrobe, but we subscribe to Yoga for all- from age, shape, ability, flexibility, clothing preference, home decor etc etc….You don’t need to dress in any particular way. All we ask is that you are comfortable.

You need to be flexible to do yoga:

Believe it or not we weren’t tickling our ears with our toes before we started yoga- nor are we now! And it changes nothing. Our Yoga practice will suit all levels of flexibility and the more you practice, naturally the more your flexibility will improve. Even for the less flexible of us, there is no shortage of sequences that will be every bit as beneficial as some of the more complex manoeuvres.

Yoga is a religious practice:

It is true that Yoga’s roots lie deep in India’s Religious traditions of, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and so it is not surprising that some of the asanas we use may reflect this.

However, yoga itself is not a religious practice and at Zafu it is practiced in a non denominational  way as an art of connecting mind and body, that calms, restores and raises self awareness.

We practice only to improve our heath and well being and while for some there may be a spiritual element, anyone can comfortably practice yoga in our sessions regardless of religion or non religion.