Looking back, looking forward

As we sit, planning and preparing our return to some venues and online yoga next week, it almost impossible to do so without some reflection on the last 18 months.   Up to Boris announcing ‘you must stay at home’ we had enjoyed a busy weekly routine sharing our yoga in various lovely venues before Gill had boarded the East Coast main line train to work with various Councils, Charities and schools in the South East. Immediately everything changed. We ‘stayed at home’ and took everything online, learning about Zoom, muting, unmuting, recording, passcodes and wating rooms.  Things we never had to consider before.     We also built a house in the garden, having moved out of our family home of 30 years, which was quite an unpredictable experience during a pandemic.   Over the last 18months we delivered nearly 400 yoga and yoga nidra sessions online and met some lovely new friends from all over the country. We sometimes got things terribly muddled, sound too loud, no sound at all, internet failing, camera in the wrong place…… throughout, everyone’s honest, helpful feedback and comments encouraged us to keep going.

So next week , as we restart, we look forward to the Autumn with tremendous optimism.  It will be lovely to return to Thirlby and Yarm to be able to share the same space as we spend some time reconnecting with our wonderful bodies.  It will also be so good to return to the screen, to see people who patiently ‘tune in’ to watch Eric or I roll about on the floor.

Every time I do yoga, I am reminded why I need it, it is about building strength and flexibility but it also about helping me keep in touch with my whole body and not just live in my head…… and as for yoga nidra  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Full details of all of our sessions can be found on our website.