The benefits of Online Yoga

We have 100’s of reasons for why practicing yoga is one of the best things you will ever do- but what is your reason for not?

Maybe the idea just hasn’t crossed your mind or perhaps it has but you have decided that its just not for you. But why?

In a world were we are constantly trying to be better, do better, achieve and change- wouldn’t it be nice to just feel content in the here and now, content with who you are and develop the tools to withstand whatever comes your way, whilst also improving your health and fitness?

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Sometimes I start to think about how much time I have spent worrying over something that is out of my control- procrastinating over trivial issues, second guessing the future and reliving my actions, when there is nothing to be achieved from it. There I am, winding myself into a tightly sprung coil of stress and self doubt that is useful to precisely, no one.

Yoga practice will not change what has been or what will be, but it will set you apart from those unhelpful and repetitive thoughts. Through meditation, mindfulness and breath regulation it will teach you acceptance of the here and now, allowing you to be present, to relax and to live.

Of course some days will bring more stress than others, but use your yoga techniques to restore balance, think rationally and leave what is beyond your control.

Social Interaction

Im all too aware of the irony this title brings with it in the current days- but yoga classes form a firm basis for social interaction- and that is something that you needn’t compromise on, even with our current restrictions. Utilise the flexibility of online yoga and the positives of never having to miss your class because you got stuck in traffic.

Whether it’s a room or on zoom…practicing yoga with others around you for support and advice, is a win. Cup of tea in hand, time afterwards can be used to chat, reflect and enjoy getting to know your peers- all from the comfort of home in our online yoga classes.

Never underestimate the importance and comfort of being part of a community- a support and a motivator- it provides routine and something to look forward to.

All Inclusive

When we say ‘yoga for all’, that is truly what we mean. We love that no two participants are the same and your reason for practicing yoga may be very different to the next persons. It doesn’t matter.

We don’t subscribe to the idea of a ‘typical yogi’ and whether you want to practice yoga in a star wars onesie or a tutu, we really don’t care – it is about being comfortable with who you are, where you are and practicing safely in the knowledge that regardless of your abilities, experience, age or strength- that you will benefit just as much as the next person.

Physical Health

Different types of yoga will boast different benefits for the body. But universally yoga will improve tone, help you strengthen and improve your flexibility and posture. It will tackle fatigue, pain and particular points of trouble such as  poor digestion, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Add to that, weight control, pain relief, better sleep and bone protection….The list is pretty extensive.

Perhaps you think that there is no point- you already have a robust exercise regime? : And that’s great- don’t stop it- but there is still room for yoga. Why not add a yoga sequence or two as a warm up routine and then end with some soothing yoga Nidra while your heart rate settles?

So there you have it. A whistle stop tour that really just skims the surface in showcasing the breadth and depth of benefits to yoga practice. A one man band for the body and mind that without doubt warrants time in your schedule.

So tell me again……Why not?