Why Yoga and why Zafu?

We have practised yoga for nearly 20 years. Up to then we’d had very busy fulltime working lives,  brought up two children  and coped with many of life’s challenges.  Our daily lives consisted of continuous movement and activity from getting out of bed in the morning to falling back into bed at night.   A weekly yoga session offered a brief escape and our attendance was mainly driven by our wonderful teacher giving us permission to relax for 10 minutes each week.  Needless to say, we loved it and over the years we both qualified to teach.

Both now in our 60’s, we are not the young bendy yogis you find on Instagram – we are real , we are normal, we have many limitations but what we have realised is it really doesn’t matter.    Yoga is not about attaining perfection, it is a physical, mental and emotional practice.  We encourage people to understand and accept their limitations and work within their own capabilities.   Yoga is suitable for all ages and stages of life it helps to build strength and flexibility for everyone.    


We encourage people to become more aware of how they are responding to everyday life and then having done this work to redress the balance as and when needed.   This can be anywhere or anytime ….. queuing in a shop, whilst in heavy traffic in the car or when navigating frustrating call centre processes or websites.   Just encouraging people to increase their sense of peace and wellbeing irrespective of what is going on around them.   All sessions include a warm up, posture work (to improve strength/flexibility) and relaxation.


Any why Zafu ?

Our intention is that people

  • Breathe a little easier in everyday life
  • Leave the room feeling better than when they walked in
  • Raise their self awareness

Yoga doesn’t stop the bumpy things that happen in life but can help you deal with them.

Why not give it a try ?

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