Worldwide Yoga

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We were very fortunate to have a most amazing round the world trip early in 2018.  In celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary we decided to visit close family in New Zealand.  We stayed over for a few days in Singapore on our way out and returned via San Francisco on this amazing 6 week trip.  We decided that we would try out a few yoga sessions whilst we were out there.  The experience was just wonderful and the yoga just served to confirm our passion for why we have chosen to develop our yogic next chapter.

We started in Singapore 4th February ‘Yoga basics’ with Cherie at An incredibly hot evening , lovely studio, very busy  but we were delighted once the session started how familiar the postures were.  Eric had bought a yoga towel and her certainly needed it, just soaked by the time we finished. but great. we also enjoyed visits to beautiful Buddhist and Taoist temples.

Arrived in New Zealand to an amazing family welcome and some new yoga mats for our home practice. We had booked an Ana Forrest workshop at in Stonefields Market.  We had to book ahead as it was extremely popular.  She was beginning a world tour so we were delighted to be able to join the group.   Again different , but familiar, with smoke ceremonies and music making a big contribution to the session.  We were getting a taste of this yoga exploration.  A visit to Lululemon in Auckland offered a recommendation to True Yoga  on Tamaki drive overlooking the sea. Lovely venue, lovely session followed by a delicious breakfast of poached eggs on avocado toast.  After a musical interlude to see Robbie Williams in Auckland. Time for some deep relaxation we chose to go along to Yoga Nidra at . After some gentle stretching we brought the body to stillness and enjoyed a 40 minute yogic sleep, perfect end to what had been busy weekend.

Our next experience brought us to my sister’s place of work in the heart of the city. The corporate health club has amazing facilities above this busy city.  25m swimming pool, full size tennis courts, spa, sauna and steam rooms.   We booked a 45 minute Hatha yoga session with Claire, she encouraged participants to hold the postures for extended periods and adjusted everyone to ensure they got best benefit.  At the end of the class she shared DoTERRA essential oils.  It was lovely to talk to her at the end of the session about her work in the Corporate world.

Our worldwide travel concluded in San Francisco where we managed to access 2 further sessions.  The first was a Yin Yoga session with  the lovely Kim Nichol at . Kim , a former lawyer , now works to encourage meditation and relaxation in this popular, studio in the centre of the financial district of SF.  We really appreciated the opportunity to talk to Kim about her work at the end of this peaceful session.   Our final session couldn’t have been more different.  A high energy, fast paced session at .   This is a massive Gym that offers hundreds of classes all day, every day.  It occupies a large building on Van Ness Ave which used to be a Cadillac showroom, an amazing building with every kind of studio, class, facilities to encourage people to move and keep well.

Everywhere we went, we were made to feel extremely welcome , people could have been kinder.  It also left us wanting to do more of this , to seek out yoga , wherever we are. We were left feeling part of a worldwide yoga family – really special.