What should I expect in a Zafu Yoga Nidra session?

mindfullness with yoga nidra

Nidra – A chance to rest.

Today it is becoming increasing evident that many people have lost their ability to rest.  From the moment people awake each day they fill their lives with ‘things to do’ and when they aren’t doing these things they are thinking about what needs doing and filling their head with ‘busyness’. This is where Yoga Nidra comes in.

The art of rest is just ‘being’ and not ‘doing’. just allowing yourself to recover and find peace.

Yoga Nidra is an ideal opportunity to practice resting.

We have just launched our Yoga Nidra sessions in Darlington and are proving popular. Generally we keep numbers small about 5 or 6 people in every session. We set up the room with yoga mats, Thai bedrolls, small cushions and blankets.  On arrival the group  participate in some gentle yoga stretching to enable a successful transition from a busy outside world to this peaceful space. After the stretching participants prepare the body for stillness, settling into a comfortable position lying on the bedrolls with the blankets to keep the body warm and comfortable.

Our instructors guide you through you sessions

The instructor then gently leads them through a number of stages in this relaxation process. The sessions include preparation , identification of a resolve or affirmation, rotation of consciousness. We make sure each part of the body is instructed to relax, carry out some work on breathing and visualisation and the close of the session. Participants are encouraged not to overthink or analyse any aspect of the process – they can’t get it wrong.  At the end of the session there is a tremendous feeling of peace. Participants smile and often comment about the process ‘I haven’t been that still for years’, ‘it was like sleep but I could hear your voice’, ‘ I had a real sense of release’.

The sessions last an hour, with about 45 minutes used for the relaxation phase. To find out more about our sessions visit contact us.  It would be lovely to share this small oasis of calm.