Yoga Nidra – What is it? In this article we explain how we discovered it…

Here is the story of how I discovered Yoga Nidra.

Many years ago when I was looking to do something different on an evening.  I found a Yoga class led by the lovely Audrey taking place every Monday at a nearby secondary school.  The main attraction on the advert was it stated very clearly “bring a blanket”.  Convinced that this was for me I started Yoga and haven’t stopped since.  Every session ended with a wonderful 10 minute guided relaxation and this became a firm favourite of mine.  Since then I have gone on to train as a Zen Yoga teacher. I love sharing this regular opportunity for relaxation in all my sessions. It has become very clear that everyone appreciates being given permission to relax and rest from their busy full lives.

During my Yoga teacher training I was introduced to Yoga Nidra. I had never experienced it before but was amazed and delighted at having a daily opportunity to deeply relax. Having found a warm and comfortable position with duvets, blankets and pillows. Daizan, the Zen Buddhist Master, gently led us through the process of Nidra. It feels a little bit like being read a favourite story like when you were a child and it is calming and peaceful.  You are not asked to do anything but listen to the voice and allow yourself to relax.

What does a session include?

Generally, sessions start with some gentle stretching and movement. This prepares the body for stillness then lying in a comfortable position the process begins. Yoga Nidra encourages you to focus on breathing and relaxing various parts of the body. Sometimes using visualisation and the idea of Sankalpa is introduced.  What I particularly like about it is that you are encouraged just to ‘go with it’, not overthink or analyse. Its meant to be easy and accessible to all…. and you can’t get it wrong.

I have worked with groups on short Nidra sessions I am delighted to have found the perfect venue to offer longer sessions which will include a 45minute relaxation process. I have lovely bedrolls, cushions and blankets all ready for others to share this special experience.…. It would be lovely to see you.

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Mindfullness with yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of yogic sleep, designed to give you deep relaxation.