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Yoga Session Timetable

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Hatha Yoga Mixed Ability Classes

Eric's 'yoga for all' classes offer a friendly, comfortable environment in local Village Halls. The atmosphere is non-competitive, participants are encouraged to build strength and flexibility. A peaceful relaxation session ends each session.

Equipment Provided: mats, blocks and belts are provided

Zen Yoga Mixed Ability Classes

Zen Yoga sessions also known as 'Chill with Gill' are gentle, fun yoga sessions to help build your strength and flexibility and encourage you to de-stress and relax - bring a blanket

Equipment Provided: mats, blocks and belts provided

Yoga Nidra 

 Yoga Nidra, is also known as yogic sleep. It is a powerful technique which enables us to learn to relax consciously and deeply – a systematic method for inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.   The sessions last for one hour, it is vital that participants arrive five minutes before the session starts to ensure they are settled an get best benefit from the process.

Equipment Provided: Mats, cushions, quality soft blankets.

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