Zafu – the wellness company

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Zafu is a relatively new family company which has been developed following a lifetime of being called ‘the fit family ‘by friends and family.

We live normal, everyday lives like many people up and down the country. We work hard all year in schools, colleges, universities and different jobs when our holidays come along our life transforms staying under canvas, running, swimming, cycling, walking and running. Over the years’ sports and fitness became increasingly important in our everyday lives. We managed this by sometimes cycling to work, introducing early morning swims and even on short break holidays these would always include some level of activity, for example, scaling Cumbrian hills and mountains or ensuring we limited our car use so most ‘trips’ were made on two wheels. Individual family members continue to seek personal challenges. Over the last 15 years this has included Triathlons, an Iron Man, a number of open water swims, a Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride in 9 days and the ‘Granny’ of the family will complete her 12th Great North Run this year.

Throughout this time is became apparent that our wellbeing seemed to noticeably improve at holiday times – it was clear that this wasn’t just about the sunshine and rest, it was more about the level of activity and focus on our running, swimming, cycling and yoga that became central to our daily lives. Over the last 10 years Yoga has also developed as significant presence in our lives and with the completion of appropriate training we are now able to share this with others offering ‘Yoga for All’ sessions in local Village Halls.

So Zafu was born – the ‘fit family’ welcome you on our journey through life. Our key aim is to encourage those things that make life worth living and help everyone just feel better.