Zooming into your living room, bedroom, hallway, conservatory……………

On Monday 23rd March when lockdown measures were introduced all our community based classes ceased.  We were extremely concerned about how we might maintain contact with our lovely participants.  Many had attended our sessions for 3 years and their weekly yoga session was part of their normal routine.  Following some, very quick, research Zoom seemed to offer a solution. 

We immediately purchased a new IPad and a monthly subscription for Zoom and off we went. We decided to transfer the whole deal online.     We filmed inside and out, sometimes in the garden, the living room or bedroom, ultimately, we settled on the bedroom. We faced new challenges of kicking furniture, wobbling light fittings and  normal family interruptions but live-streaming 5 sessions a week we learnt very quickly.

We emailed our current participants and sent then a weekly link to the sessions, no password or payments were needed.  We navigated the mute, unmute systems and eventually managed to master the recording function. After many weeks we also managed to share our music to support each session. 

The audio was a challenge at first. It was evident that as we rolled around the floor mumbling instructions, we needed a more effective system. We purchased AirPods and the problem was solved.  A Zoom session is heavily reliant on the clarity of the narrative.  Participants, although watching a screen, are often completely focussed on getting the face to their knee or twisting the belly and looking backwards so it is the effective use of voice which guides them through the session. 

After the first few weeks some of our participants asked if they might make a payment for the sessions. We were concerned that this during these unprecedented times people should not be limited in any way. Many, many people are facing significant challenges during this pandemic so we decided we would move to a donation model. This would ensure everyone could continue to participate irrespective of personal circumstances.  

19 weeks and nearly 100 sessions later our zooming has continued.  We will be having a break in August, but will be back zooming into houses near you from 1st September.   Anyone interested in giving it a try please complete a contact form and we will be in touch.